You’re told to listen to your body - so what is your body trying to communicate when your joints are sore and painful? It probably means that you kicked-butt in your workout the day before and you just need some time to recover. But we know you’re determined to stay on track with your fitness goals, so here’s a natural solution; our Joints supplement. The organic ingredients found in this supplement are formulated to keep your joints strong and pain-free so you can be the best athlete possible. Each jar contains 60 capsules. Directions: One to two capsules, twice daily as a dietary supplement.


Beneficial Ingredients:

Hyaluronic acid - maintains optimal lubrication in joints.

Glucosamine - reduce osteoarthritis-related pain and stiffness.

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) - a critical building block for cartilage & accelerates healing.

Boswellia - treats osteoarthritis and bursitis symptoms.

Curcumin - reduce pain and inflammation in joints and muscles.

Devil’s Claw - reduces muscle pain, back pain & tendonitis.

Collagen - rebuild cartilage and bone.



A deficiency in the ingredients found in this supplement can lead to stiff and painful joints. When a joint is overused, it can lose necessary lubrication and cartilage density - this results in inflammation and can be painful. This natural supplement is formulated to address these joint deficiencies and allow a quicker recovery of worn tissue.

Remember - This is a natural dietary supplement - it is free from stimulants & hormones. It is not recommended for women who are nursing, pregnant, or planning to become pregnant.


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