Jayson crane

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“I don’t think people know this.”

This was the thought that repeated in my mind the more I studied Nutrition & Chemistry. While taking advanced courses in nutrition at Arizona State University, I gained detailed knowledge about how nutrition works on a biochemical level. My fascination with micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) drove the initial plans for Crane & Carbon. I wanted to create a company that offered dietary supplements that would optimize nutrition.

I later discovered that an overlooked element affects our nutritional status in a bad way. The more research I did on how nutrients are metabolized and stored, the more I learned about what our bodies are wasting these crucial nutrients on.

It turns out, we are wasting valuable vitamins & minerals on protecting our cells from toxic chemicals that we use. So, we deplete our vitamin c trying to repair skin that has become irritated from using a harsh cleanser. The same vitamin c that could have been used to fight off oxidative damage done to our cardiovascular system or prevent us from getting the common cold.

“I don’t think people know this.”

This is why I created Crane & Carbon. It’s a wellness brand of products that provide nutrition for all of our organs, including our susceptible skin - with the goal of optimizing nutrition and preserving micronutrients for the really big job of keeping us alive and healthy.