Baby Set

Baby Set


The Baby Set includes a lotion, wash, balm and mist.

Baby Lotion: Maintain healthy moisture with this pure formula of healing plant ingredients. Free from concentrated essential oils - with a natural and gentle scent - this lotion is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

Baby Wash: Purify baby’s body and hair with this vegan, nutrient-dense wash. Formulated with Organic Carrot powder to deliver vitamins and minerals, plus plant oils to gently moisturize. Free from essential oils - to preserve the pure, natural scent of your baby’s skin.

Baby Balm: Create a protective barrier on baby’s skin and soothe irritation with this vegan balm made of nourishing plant oils. Non-Nano Zinc Oxide further protects and gently heals baby’s skin by keeping away harmful bacteria and excess moisture. Due to the concentration of zinc oxide, this balm can also be used as a sunscreen. The zinc oxide concentration is 20% - delivering SPF 40.

Baby Mist: Promote relaxation and sleep with this gentle mist made of plant waters. This nourishing and organic formula is also excellent for soothing rashes and other types of skin irritation.

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