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Winter is the perfect time to transition to non-toxic deodorant.

The sweat glands under your arm (the largest in your body) are less active during cooler weather - this allows your body to detox and adapt to using organic ingredients without smelling-up the place.


crane & carbon is a wellness brand that focuses on non-toxic products & plant-based nutrition.

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We are proud to be from

Phoenix, Arizona. 

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Wellness is our goal for you, both in body & mind.

Body: Our plant-based nutrition products provide the nutrients necessary to support the function and maintainence of your body. Our skin and hair care products are made with effective organic ingredients that protect the body's largest organ - your skin - all while making you look great (and smell even better).

Mind: You’ll have peace of mind knowing the products you're using are made of ingredients selected based on sustainable harvesting, fair trade practices, and never tested on animals. Additionally, all of our products are made of safe ingredients - always free from sulfates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and dyes.



it's so important that we consider the impact we have on our environment.



We've invested a lot of time and thought into the containers we use for our products. While we want them to be visually appealing, safe and functional, it is equally important that they are easy to recycle or reuse. 

Our bottles are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene). This is a non-toxic, non-leaching material that has a high level of protection for the product it contains. We've selected a natural-colored version of this plastic that is made without added dyes - making the container very easy for your local recycling facility to process.

  • If you choose to recycle our plastic, please remember to leave the label on (our labels are recyclable), remove the cap and rinse-out the container.
  • If you choose to reuse our plastic, please remember to cleanse the interior of the container with soap and cool water - then let air dry.
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Lighthouse for hope

Lighthouse for Hope strives to fight alongside families experiencing the physical, financial and emotional setbacks caused by pediatric cancer by providing them with support and assistance for day-to-day necessities.

nonprofit partnership

We love finding organizations to partner with, especially like Lighthouse for Hope - with all the love and support they provide for Arizona families. Being passionate about non-toxic products means much more when we know they end up in the hands of families that may not otherwise be able to afford them.

When you purchase product from us, 10% of the sale turns into a donation of our products to Lighthouse for Hope families. The product may be an organic Multi-Purpose Cleaner - giving a parent peace of mind that they can clean their home without compromising the health of their family. Or the donation may be lip balm or lotion for a kid going through cancer treatment.

Thank you so much for the support - this is possible because of you!

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