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The full name for DMAE is dimethylaminoethanol, and we don’t normally like to use ingredients that aren’t recognizable and difficult to say - but this one is safe and your body produces it naturally! It is related to the B vitamin, Choline, and is a precursor to acetylcholine.

So what does this mean for your skin? It firms your skin and the underlying muscles of your face.

The acetylcholine is telling your facial muscles & cell walls to maintain a higher level of contraction - resulting in firmer looking skin. Plus, there is new scientific evidence that suggests that DMAE can help to clear age spots by metabolizing the pigment that causes the discoloration.

You’ll find DMAE in the Primrose Mask, Charcoal Mask, Renewing Cleanser & Detoxing Cleanser.


crane & carbon is a wellness brand that focuses on non-toxic products & plant-based nutrition.

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Caring for your face is way more than hygiene, we know it represents you and we know you want to look your best. Our face products range from daily maintenance to fun & effective treatments. 


Our plant-based dietary supplements play a major role in nutritional health for all your organs; including your skin. We’ve focused on superior research-based formulas that include herbs, extracts and superfoods.

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 Body, mind and the environment was the focus when we formulated our body products. Organic and biodegradable ingredients that cleanse, moisturize and leave you smelling great.

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Clean your home with peace of mind that the chemicals used are safe for everyone; especially kids and pets. Our home products disinfect, are non-toxic and biodegradable.

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Jayson crane

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“I don’t think people know this.”

This was the thought that repeated in my mind the more I studied Nutrition & Chemistry. While taking advanced courses in nutrition at Arizona State University, I gained detailed knowledge about how nutrition works on a biochemical level. My fascination with micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) drove the initial plans for Crane & Carbon. I wanted to create a company that offered dietary supplements that would optimize nutrition.

I later discovered that an overlooked element affects our nutritional status in a bad way. The more research I did on how nutrients are metabolized and stored, the more I learned about what our bodies are wasting these crucial nutrients on.

It turns out, we are wasting valuable vitamins & minerals on protecting our cells from toxic chemicals that we use. So, we deplete our vitamin c trying to repair skin that has become irritated from using a harsh cleanser. The same vitamin c that could have been used to fight off oxidative damage done to our cardiovascular system or prevent us from getting the common cold.

“I don’t think people know this.”

This is why I created Crane & Carbon. It’s a wellness brand of products that provide nutrition for all of our organs, including our susceptible skin - with the goal of optimizing nutrition and preserving micronutrients for the really big job of keeping us alive and healthy.


We are proud to be from

Phoenix, Arizona. 

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