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We’ve always wanted to make extraordinary soaps and limit their availability to make them special to specific times of the year.

So, we did. Introducing, Soap of the Month.

These bar soaps will only be available for the month they are named after and made with unique & powerful ingredients — making them also beautiful.

And to make them extra special, their packaging is a single piece of 100% recycled wax paper - no box, no label. This means we can lower the cost and reduce waste.

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Scrub & Detox

A blend of detoxing activated charcoal, bentonite clay, bamboo powder & pumice will take away dull skin and leave behind purity.

Moisturized skin will be the result of organic plant oils, goat’s milk & vegan glycerin.

Therapeutic sage & bergamot essential oils are sure to draw you in and prepare your mind for Fall.


The Bath Crystal

bath crysal blue salvia 3.jpg

The water.

The effects of a bath have been studied many times — we know hydrotherapy has numerous wellness benefits. From improving circulation and lowering blood pressure to promoting sleep quality and detoxing our skin. And equally important, the chance to submerge yourself in this soothing element to take some time for you.

bath salt blue salvia 1.jpg

The ingredients.

Enhancing the bath experience with scents, colors and nourishing ingredients can take bathing to the next level. We know our skin can absorb a lot of what it comes in contact with — this mechanism is highly elevated when the skin is warm. If you add something to your warm bath water, it will end up in your body’s circulation. This may be through you skin or inhaled — but it will become part of you.

bath crystal blue salvia 2.jpg

The solution.

When we started researching bath products, like bombs, oils & salt formulas we became inspired to create a completely new product. This was because the ingredients used to make many of these were not doing your skin or wellness any favors — and in some cases, straight toxic.

Meet the Bath Crystal.

Made with relaxing lavender buds, moisturizing plant oils, nourishing Moringa & mineral-rich salts. You can now enhance your bath with these pure, natural & safe ingredients with peace of mind.

We hope that those of you who use hydrotherapy regularly, continue. We also hope to inspire the rest of you to start.


Nutrition Class - Fitness Supplement

Saturday, August 24th from 9-10:30am.

We will spend an hour discussing what’s in our Fitness supplement and how it works. Additionally, you’ll learn why a supplement like this may be necessary for losing or maintaining weight and things you can do to positively affect these goals.


Face Oils

If we know that our skin moisturizes itself with a waxy oil, then why do we try to moisturize it with anything but this? Take a look at the ingredients in your moisturizer, it should only be ingredients that the surface of your skin can actually use — not water, not petroleum & not sulfates.

We make 3 different face oils to address the specific needs of your skin, but the foundation of all these oils is the same - ingredients that your skin can actually use to maintain healthy and flexible skin that is naturally moisturized.


Purifying Oil

For gentle moisturizing & sensitive skin.


Renewing Oil

For moisturizing damaged or mature skin.


Detoxing Oil

For moisturizing oily skin or healing acne.



Our Brick & Mortar


Opening a store front means that we get to be with you when you shop. When you have questions about specific ingredients, need advice about skincare or want to talk about nutrition — we will be there.



2403 East Osborn Road
Phoenix, AZ, 85016
United States


Daily: 12p-6p


Wellness Simplified

We acknowledge that wellness is unique for everyone and that it comes from different places & things. Our goal is to offer simple, valuable products that promote your wellness.

Our products are organic, fresh & safe for everyone to use. We source our ingredients from the highest level of integrity — always keeping in-mind our environment and fair trade standards.