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You’re worth it and so is our environment.

Our face masks are a top selling category and it’s exciting to convert their containers from plastic to glass. While we know that some of these containers will end up in a landfill, we also know that many of you will reuse or recycle these containers - and we love that.


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Super gentle - to protect their developing bodies.

We developed 4 new products for the needs of the little ones we love so much. While all of our products are nontoxic and plant-based, these new baby products are free from ingredients that are too concentrated or can cause irritation for their sensitive skin.



Soap of the Month


Witchcraft Crystal

A soap crystal for all the gothic witches out there who are casting magic spells this October.

An organic blend of plant oils and vegan glycerin will cleanse and nourish your skin. Made with activated charcoal to detox and beet root powder to deliver antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. An aromatherapy blend of lavender and ylang ylang essential oils will surely relax you into a supernatural trance, perfect for your witchery.


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Phoenix Home & Garden

It is a huge honor to see our products in September’s issue of Phoenix Home & Garden. And so exciting to see all these other natural products from Arizona.

Check-out #17 & #21 - our Shampoo & Conditioner along with our Konjac sponges.


Face Oils

If we know that our skin moisturizes itself with a waxy oil, then why do we try to moisturize it with anything but this? Take a look at the ingredients in your moisturizer, it should only be ingredients that the surface of your skin can actually use — not water, not petroleum & not sulfates.

We make 3 different face oils to address the specific needs of your skin, but the foundation of all these oils is the same - ingredients that your skin can actually use to maintain healthy and flexible skin that is naturally moisturized.


Purifying Oil

For gentle moisturizing & sensitive skin.


Renewing Oil

For moisturizing damaged or mature skin.


Detoxing Oil

For moisturizing oily skin or healing acne.



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